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Binary Glyph Media Is a Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency Offering Small Business Web Design and Development in Toledo, Ohio and Beyond.

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At Binary Glyph Media, we offer a full range of digital marketing services including web design for small businesses, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media marketing (SMM), content management, branding, and more.

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Web Design And Development

Your website underpins all your digital marketing initiatives and serves as the primary point of contact for your customers. A user-friendly, responsive website can communicate your brand's offerings and engage your clients.

Effective Web Design That Is Consistent With Your Brand

Our accomplished team will help you to define your objectives clearly, so we can design a great website that enhances your entire marketing framework. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, so rest assured you’re in good hands.

Once we know what your marketing objectives are, we’ll work with you to increase the online potential of your website and create a better experience for your customers. From site mapping and wire-frame construction to web design and development, Binary Glyph Media will meet your every need.

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Small Business Web Design Services

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing site or launch a new one, we can provide a full-service package and guide you through the entire process. Here are just a few of the options we offer:

  • Joomla websites
  • WordPress websites
  • Site analysis and metrics
  • Reliable web hosting
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Responsive web design
  • E-Commerce stores
  • Website maintenance and updates

Joomla Websites

We build websites in Joomla, a flexible platform that empowers web creators to build robust websites and powerful online applications.

Our professional Joomla website designs leverage the powerful and scalable framework you need to manage site content and put your authoritative brand forward.

WordPress Websites

We build websites in WordPress, an open-source platform to create a website or blog with powerful features and over 55,000 high-performance plugins to expand your website.

Our premium WordPress website designs go above and beyond pre-built themes and plugins to develop a unique site that reflects your branding beautifully.

Website Analysis And Analytics

Our team conducts usability testing, examines the consistency and quality of your content, and verifies the technical implementation of your website across multiple browsers and devices. When we have the metrics, we can create personalized web designs tailored to your target audience.

Web Design For E-Commerce

With custom e-commerce web design, we can improve your customers' shopping experience, which encourages them to visit your site frequently and spend more. We can also incorporate social proof into your site design, simplify navigation, publish fast-loading images, write captivating descriptions, and more.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting offers high availability and dependability, as well as first-rate site security and online performance. We provide excellent bandwidth and storage, complimentary spam filters, malware and virus removal, and reliable support.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We can integrate a content management system (CMS) into your custom web design to streamline the process of handling content and data. Our web designs make use of the latest technology to make the administration of your content management system a breeze.

Responsive Web Design

We can implement mobile-first layouts and, to improve customer retention, will ensure that your website can be viewed successfully across all devices. We will also check your content on different browsers and test various screen resolutions.

Website Maintenance

You can relax knowing that your site changes and management will be handled by a competent professional team. We can carry out usability tests and site backups, check for security updates, apply any patches, mend broken links, remove superfluous form fields, and conduct test purchases.

We also provide prompt and dependable technical help to safeguard your website against cyber threats.

Improve Conversion Rates

Our digital marketing services can help you to increase your leads and sales. To achieve this end, we can generate engaging content, optimize your images for faster loading speeds, install, and test numerous calls-to-action (CTAs), and streamline signup and checkout processes.

The Process Of Creating A Website

At Binary Glyph Media, we have created an effective design process for building stunning websites that deliver on their promises. The following is a brief breakdown of the steps involved:

Step One:

Initial Consultation

Our Ohio web design team will conduct an initial consultation to determine your target market, objectives, functionality needs, and any special requests. Once we have this information, we can map out the various stages of your design and provide an initial estimate for the cost.

Initial Consultation
Step Two:

We Create Your Website Strategy

Formulating your web strategy gives us a basis for action. We examine the data from the initial consultation, draw up a detailed proposal, develop your site mock-ups, and get everything ready for your approval. The objective is to give you a thorough development stage plan.

We Create Your Website Strategy
Step Three:

The Development Phase

This phase entails the creation of your site, content optimization, and on-site SEO. We ensure that all aspects of your website, including the logo design, color scheme, and any interactive elements, are consistent with your branding. Once the front-end and back-end development are complete, we will do a site evaluation with you and make any necessary adjustments.

The Development Phase
Step Four:

Your Site Launches

Finally, we replicate your website on a live server from the test server. If you have a WordPress site or CMS, we can give you client training on how to add content and administer your website. However, our web design services also provide the option of ongoing updates, security checks, site maintenance, and SEO, allowing you the freedom to run an effective site in hands-off mode.

Your Site Launches

Web Design And Development Costs

At Binary Glyph Media, we offer our clients top-quality web design, web development, and web hosting at competitive prices. Whatever you have in mind for your website, we will work with you to develop a strategy that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

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