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Binary Glyph Media Is A Top-Notch Creative Branding And Digital Marketing Agency Serving Businesses In Toledo, Ohio, And The Surrounding Area.

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At Binary Glyph Media, we offer a wide spectrum of creative branding and graphic design services, including logos, business cards, brochures, signage, postcards, and flyers.

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Creative Branding Services That Simply Work

Our expert design team will work on creating a powerful strategy that differentiates your brand and attracts your target audience.

The Voice of Your Business

Every brochure produced, every business card distributed, and every visit to your website should maintain and reinforce your company's identity. If it doesn’t, you’re not making the most of these fantastic opportunities for great marketing.

Professional Designs to Promote Your Brand

When it comes to design, staying up to date is critical. Why? Because design continually changes, new concepts emerge, and old concepts get revamped to appeal to today’s customers. If your design isn’t current, it won’t grab people’s attention.

Professional Branding and Graphic Design Services

Creative branding is what we do, and we’d love to use our skills, enthusiasm, and experience to help your company stand out.

Logo Concept and Design

Whatever line of business you’re in, this is where you need to start. You should always have a great logo in place before you advertise, develop a website, or produce anything. We can help you to develop a clear idea of what you want your brand to represent and then we’ll get to work developing a logo that perfectly captures what you do.


Every company needs an appealing and sophisticated letterhead for documents or correspondence, one that incorporates your logo and identity to create something that is uniquely you. For brand continuity, we would suggest combining this design service with our other graphic, digital, and packaging services.

Brochure Design

Brochures leave your customers with a lasting impression of what your business is all about. And just like a business card or flyer they should be engaging, excite curiosity and increase sales. We can design the perfect brochure for your next campaign, one that displays your product or service beautifully in a way that your customers will remember.


Posters are a cost-effective way to grab attention quickly, whether you’re trying to raise awareness for a special cause, advertise an event, or do a product launch. Whatever your poster needs, we can create eye-catching designs that will tell a story people want to hear.

Banner and Wrap Designs

If you want to make a big impression, use a banner or vinyl wrap to convey your message. We can design and manufacture them in any size you need to suit your project. They’re especially good for fairs, exhibitions, festivals, and other large events where lots of people will see them–even vehicle vinyl wraps!

Postcards and Flyers

These are a great way to advertise or simply to keep in touch with your customers. You can use them for special events, product launches, promotional offers, new services, or anything at all. They are easy to create and cost very little to distribute but, if well designed, they can have a real impact and attract lots of business.

Professional Signage

We can create designs for any kind of sign, whether it’s for a store, business, or service. Depending on the type of signage you want, we'll use a powerful mix of graphic design elements that will capture your brand’s unique identity and make it stand out.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders customized to display your company's image and used in conjunction with other promotional materials can be an extremely effective marketing tool. They give a perfectly polished and visually striking feel to the impression customers get and they’re a persuasive way to attract new clients.

How The Creative Branding Process Works

Whatever your design needs, at Binary Glyph Media, we can meet and exceed them! Our professional team can design in any style, to complement any brand, and to suit any product or service. Here's how we start:

Step One:

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project

It all starts when you have a chat with a member of our design team. We’ll explain the design and print services we offer and see what we can do to create or improve your branding and marketing.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project
Step Two:

Creation and Feedback

Once we know a bit more about you and your business, we’ll get to work on some design concepts to fit your campaign. When they’re ready, we’ll send them over to you so you can look through everything and then get back to us to let us know your thoughts.

Creation and Feedback
Step Three:

Revisions and Design Approval

Now that we know your thinking and what you like best, we can get to work on the final designs for your approval.

Revisions and Design Approval
Step Four:

Delivery and Distribution

When you have approved the designs, we’ll produce the promotional materials you’ve ordered and deliver them right to your door. We keep all the designs in your client profile, so ordering more posters, business cards, or whatever you need is easy and quick.

Delivery and Distribution

Binary Glyph Media

We love to develop compelling digital and print designs that yield tangible results. Our mission is to help all clients get a great return on investment, grow their customer base, and increase revenue.

We are delighted to serve customers from NW Ohio, including Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, and Waterville.

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Whether you want corporate branding, signage for a new store, business cards for an existing venture, large posters to advertise an event, or flyers to get the word out about a product or service launch, we can create exactly the right designs to get your message across—at a price, you will love.

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