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Unlocking Growth: Steve Ice's SEO and Branding Wisdom on DesignRush

For "Brand Marketing Strategy Guide (2023)" by DesignRush, Steve Ice from Binary Glyph Media contributes insights on combining data-driven analysis with authentic storytelling to captivate audiences and enhance brand engagement. This comprehensive guide explores various aspects of brand marketing, offering actionable strategies to create a compelling narrative for your brand. Explore more on DesignRush.

In "Affordable SEO Services for Small Business," also featured on DesignRush, Steve Ice shares his expertise on the crucial role of local SEO for small businesses. He advises on strategies such as detailed keyword research and optimization for mobile users, highlighting the importance of local engagement and visibility on platforms like Google My Business. Learn more about optimizing your SEO strategy on DesignRush.


Do you really need SEO to generate business online? 

Business owners often wonder if they need to invest in search engine optimization services or if they should rely solely on traditional advertising. The truth is, the benefits of professional SEO services are necessary for the success of any business. To start with, they help you attract your target audience, increasing relevant traffic to your website. Then, this targeted traffic responds to your calls-to-action, increasing your website's conversion rate.

The increase in traffic is also a great opportunity to learn more about your target audience. Furthermore, a good SEO company helps you expand your reach to attract new audiences.

Most importantly, you can't get these benefits anywhere else. To learn more, read these 7 crucial reasons why you need to hire an SEO agency.

1. Reach More People

The main point of optimizing a website for search engines is to bring in more traffic. There are two ways this is accomplished. 

First, your SEO company gathers information from you about your target audience. Then, they optimize your site in such a way that it will attract these specific demographics. This includes optimizing for local searches.

The best part is that such highly targeted traffic is the most beneficial to your business. These visitors are purposely choosing your website because they believe you are the best answer to their search queries. Thus, they're very likely to convert.

Secondly, improving SEO raises your search rank in general. This means that your optimized website attracts other demographics that aren't even being targeted specifically. Therefore, it spreads awareness of your brand to thousands of people who have never heard of it.

2. Provide a Better Experience For Visitors

A big part of SEO is improving user experience or UX. UX depends mostly on the usability and organization of your website.

Namely, if your visitors are able to easily find what they're looking for, they have a good experience. Then, when search engines crawl your website, they'll see that it is a helpful resource for search engine users.

Good UX requires:

  • Responsive design
  • The proper placement of page elements
  • An intuitive navigation system
  • The presence of any site features that your visitors expect (live support, contact information, a search bar/voice search)
  • Helpful links (internal and external) with URLs and anchor text that make sense

To improve your search rank, SEO companies make sure that these website design elements are optimized.

And, search rank aside, improving UX makes your visitors happy. They get all the answers, information, or support they need whenever they visit your website.

3. Get More Conversions

So, we've established that SEO attracts more traffic, especially from visitors who are purposely seeking you. These visitors need your help with something in particular. Usually, this means they're already planning on performing some kind of action.

For instance, search engine users often search for something like "tire shops near me." They do this to find a business that can assist them. Then, they'll either visit the company (and convert) in person or they'll visit the website. If they visit the website, they're usually looking for: 

  • A phone number to call
  • A product to purchase online
  • A particular service and pricing information
  • Special deals and discounts
  • A company they can trust to do business with

All of these things have the potential to lead to purchases, whether online or in person. Furthermore, visitors are happy to do business with you when they have a good experience on your website.

4. Increase Audience Engagement

Sometimes, the visitors you attract through SEO don't find the answers they're looking for right away. Surprisingly, this can be a good thing. 

Your optimized website should make it easy for visitors to contact you for support. Thus, you'll have more visitors engaging with your company directly. 

For one thing, this gives you another opportunity to convert site visitors. Additionally, it allows you to solve visitor/customer issues to improve customer satisfaction.

Plus, this is a great way to learn more about your audience. Mostly, you'll hear a lot of complaints. These let you know how your company can improve and what additional services/site features your customers want you to provide.

5. SEO Is Easy to Track

Usually, it's very difficult to determine the ROI of your various business investments. Such is not the case with SEO services.

Website analytics are extremely easy to track with analytics software. And professional SEO agents are experts at interpreting this data.

Based on the behavior of your site visitors, your SEO agency can see how effective their SEO efforts are. Then, they use this data to continually improve your website's SEO. Furthermore, you'll be able to see this data, too.  

6. Search Engine Optimization is Cost-Effective

If you don't think it's worth it to hire an SEO company, there's only one way to find out for sure. As we just mentioned, you can see for yourself whether your investment in SEO services is paying off. So, hire an SEO service and put them to the test.

Besides, all the benefits listed above greatly exceed any fees you'll pay. We've already explained how improving your SEO should increase your profits.

Conversely, amateur attempts at SEO will not be as effective. It takes a lot of time to study and implement proper SEO techniques. And it takes even longer to become an expert at it.

Ultimately, you have better things to do. At the same time, hiring a professional SEO agency is the most effective way to improve your SEO, anyway.

7. Outrank Your Competitors

Lastly, your competitors are striving to be number 1 on Google, too. And many of them will hire SEO agencies for this purpose. To have any chance of outshining your competition online, you'll need to hire some expert SEO assistance.

Obtain These Benefits With Professional SEO Services

If you don't yet have an SEO agency at your disposal, you're missing out on these essential business benefits. That stops today. 

We at Binary Glyph Media want to help your business skyrocket to success. Get started now to see what our SEO and digital marketing services can do for you.

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