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Unlocking Growth: Steve Ice's SEO and Branding Wisdom on DesignRush

For "Brand Marketing Strategy Guide (2023)" by DesignRush, Steve Ice from Binary Glyph Media contributes insights on combining data-driven analysis with authentic storytelling to captivate audiences and enhance brand engagement. This comprehensive guide explores various aspects of brand marketing, offering actionable strategies to create a compelling narrative for your brand. Explore more on DesignRush.

In "Affordable SEO Services for Small Business," also featured on DesignRush, Steve Ice shares his expertise on the crucial role of local SEO for small businesses. He advises on strategies such as detailed keyword research and optimization for mobile users, highlighting the importance of local engagement and visibility on platforms like Google My Business. Learn more about optimizing your SEO strategy on DesignRush.

what is local seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of marketing that lets you compete with giants in your industry. Learning to master local forms of SEO will help you bring in customers in your geographical area. What is local SEO?

In this article, we'll provide you with insight into this form of marketing so that your company can reap the rewards. Keep reading to learn more about one of the most important types of SEO that you can apply to your business.

What Is Local SEO?

Understanding the local SEO definition will help you manage your marketing efforts. SEO is a form of marketing that reverse engineers search engine queries so that people can find you more easily. 

Local SEO takes the same principles but focuses on local attributes to bring in more people in your local and surrounding area. When you use local SEO, you'll master the juggling act of being both a local and global company at the same time. 

Take it upon yourself to learn SEO, but make sure to also bring in the help of marketing pros. 

So why should your company be using local SEO services?

You Will Increase Traffic to Your Website

Today, nearly 70 percent of web traffic begins with a search engine query. Mastering SEO will help you funnel more traffic into your website or brand. 

Here is why local SEO is helpful in this regard:

  • It optimizes keywords related to your geographical location
  • Drives more foot traffic to your physical building
  • Your company's rankings will improve for a number of Google searches
  • This practice involves claiming your Yelp, Google My Business, and other listing sites
  • You will become an active participant in your local community

Taking the time to increase traffic to your website is a fundamental aspect of both marketing and SEO. Using a hyper-local approach will give you the chance to bring in customers that are part of your targeted audience, which is more efficient and improves conversions. 

It's Excellent for Building Sales and Profits

When you have more traffic and conversions, it means that you'll also grow your sales and profit margins. This is the foundation of marketing as a whole, and you'll love the expansion that your business will appreciate. 

SEO is great for sales funnels, product launches, and lead generation. You'll definitely appreciate these benefits of local SEO when you own a brick-and-mortar business that relies on sales from customers in your geographic area. 

Search Engine Optimization Is the Most Effective Form of Marketing

Without question, SEO is the best type of marketing that you can participate in today. One of the main reasons that SEO is so effective is that it's organic and keeps bringing you rewards for years to come. 

Keyword usage will continue to evolve with time, so you need to make sure that you're constantly upgrading your strategies and staying up to date with Google's ever-changing algorithms. You can use local SEO as a foundation for any other part of marketing that you decide to put to use. 

SEO Goes Great With Content Marketing

Today, 80 percent of potential customers prefer to learn about your brand through original content. Implementing SEO into your content marketing will allow you to get the best results. 

Here are some of the main forms of content marketing that you can put together:

  • Blogs that regularly incorporate keywords, SEO links, and quality multimedia
  • Vlogs that use YouTube to grow your Google SEO presence globally and locally
  • Podcasts let you build archives of quality multimedia related to helpful topics
  • E-Books help you generate more traffic and residual income, while also providing value to your customers
  • Courses let you bring people up to speed on any subject, while also growing your traffic and following

Putting out amazing content is a cornerstone for any part of SEO strategy that you're looking into. 

Local SEO Is Cost-Effective

Your company will also appreciate the fact that local SEO is a cost-effective form of marketing. It's less expensive than purchasing ads and can often get you better results over the long term

Hiring SEO pros is also cost-effective since these companies have resources that'll let you accomplish a lot with a little. Take the time to budget enough for your local SEO needs so that you don't have any lapses with your marketing efforts. 

Proximity Is King With Local SEO

Local SEO is excellent when you're trying to nail down proximity with your marketing efforts. People today often go local first whenever they're looking for any kinds of services that you offer. 

They can find you both through local SEO queries and voice searches. You can also use geotags so that people can find your precise location from their mobile devices. 

You Can Work Your Link Building Strategy

Link building is also an essential part of your local SEO strategy. Use a mixture of both internal and external links so that you get better traction on Google. 

Improving your link strategy will help you improve your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) so that your site remains high on Google rankings for the foreseeable future. 

A link building strategy can be useful to local businesses. It is a way for you to build backlinks from different websites with similar audience, so that you can achieve a high ranking and get as many local visitors as possible. A professional SEO company would be able to create and implement one for you. 

Master Your Business SEO Strategies

So, what is local SEO? Now that you understand a bit more about this form of marketing, you can unleash strategies that'll get you top-notch results. 

Consider hiring Binary Glyph Media as your go-to source for SEO and digital marketing services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping your business reach its potential, and we are here to provide assistance from start to finish. Get started now and see the difference our services can make.

Take the time to book a call with an expert that can help you with your local SEO strategy. 

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